PerMånad offers computers, mobile phones, cameras and many more products for creative professionals. To be able to lease from us you need a Swedish registered company that is active. We welcome private companies and new companies.

At time of order you submit the company registration number (organisationsnummer). We will do a credit check before creating a leasing contract for signing. You use your personal BankID or Mobile BankID to sign the contract digitally. After this is done we will expedite your shipment directly to your shipping address.

Leasing products literally means hiring tools for you to grow your business.
You choose 24 or 36 months contract time and you can switch the products after 12 months hire to a new product at the same monthly price (as long as the new product is in the same price range). At the end of the contract you can choose to keep hiring (extend agreement) or return the equipment.

The PerMånad team is fluent in English and you can chat with us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner for quick service. We usually respond within a minute.

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